Tips, Tricks & Advice


All beautiful pools have one thing in common – regular maintenance.

Aquarius is here to get you the cleanest and most immaculate pool in the neighborhood.

We have compiled a list of a few easy to do tips and tricks that will keep your pool sparkling just the way Aquarius left it.

1. That Pesky Debris

Pool debris can accumulate at any moment. Skimming the surface is the quickest and easiest way to keep your pool clean. You should also check the skimmer basket to make sure it is empty. Having an empty basket will help with proper water circulation.

2. Don’t Forget the Vacuum and Pool Filter

In addition to the surface, the bottom of the pool also needs some tender loving care.  By turning on the vacuum and letting it go, it will take care of the little things that like to hang out at the bottom of the pool. In addition to picking up dirt, the vacuum will also get algae.

Periodic cleaning of the pool filter is highly recommended to have the pool in the best condition possible. There are several different types of pool filters and how often the pool filter needs to be cleaned will vary on the specific type.  Keep in mind that sometimes, too much cleaning of the filter can impact performance.

3. Brush and Shock

Just like we brush our teeth daily and use mouth wash, the pool requires similar care.  Brushing the tiles and pool walls will decrease algae accumulation and calcium deposits.  Ensure the proper brush is used to avoid damaging the walls or tiles.

The usual pool shock treatment raises the chlorine level which helps with killing the algae.  There are multiple shock treatments available at different prices and some are also chlorine free.  Make sure you test the chlorine level on a regular basis and especially after the shock treatment.  Swimming with too much chlorine can be harmful.

4. Water Level

The more cannonballs, the less water.  During pool season, the water level will decrease due to various factors such as splashing and evaporation.  When skimming or vacuuming the pool, you should always check the water level.  Having improper water levels can damage equipment like the pool pump.  Raising the water level is just a matter of taking the hose and turning it on.  Don’t forget to turn the hose off once you get it the water to a suitable level.

5. The Tennis Ball

Kids and adults should always wear protection against the sun when enjoying a dip in the pool.  Sun tan lotions and oils contain chemicals that can affect the water.  Tossing a tennis ball into the pool will soak up those unwanted chemicals.